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November 2013



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Nov. 19th, 2013


С днём рождения, Будапешт!

Ровно 140 лет назад города Буда, Обуда и Пешт объединились в новый единый город Будапешт. Именно в этот день состоялось первое заседание городского совета, который предложил считать 17 ноября «днём рождения» города.
Старая карта Буды, вторая половина XVII в.
Что мы знаем об имениннике?
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Sep. 11th, 2012


Вардзия - пещерний монастирь

Здесь короткий фотоочерк о грузинской Вардзии


Sep. 12th, 2012

Doctor Grin


Qatar Airlines

Has anyone flown Qatar Airlines before? If yes, what was your experience?

Sep. 5th, 2012

i am canadian



My fiancé and I will be traveling to Thailand in October for the first time. We're looking to visit Phuket and Koh Samui for about 5 days each. Just curious if anyone has any recommendations for restaurants, hotels, activities, etc. Or even just any tips about traveling in Thailand, how much is food usually, any good places to shop.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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May. 3rd, 2012



(no subject)

I'm going to Rome in a few weeks and I'm really looking forward to it. There are so many things I want to see! If you have ever been to Rome, how was your trip? Any tips/useful info you can share? What are some sights that you recommend I do not miss? And any lesser known places?

Apr. 15th, 2012



I've a soon to be high school graduate and an Army brat. Needless to say, seeing as I was born in Panama and I lived in Germany for a few years when I was younger, I have had the travel bug numerous times and right now is one of them. I'm not your traditional student--when they tested me for a Math disability a few years ago, I literally scored the minimum that passed me--and I've always liked any sort of learning outside of school. A good part of that is my attention span, which is only as long as the thing I'm interested in, but I have an addictive personality. In other words, bring on the History Channel, just don't stick me in History class.

For a while, I was positive that I wanted to be a vet tech. I went to check out a school with my parents, applied, and signed up for the placement test. I did the mandatory 40 hours under a vet or vet tech and it got me thinking, since most of the people that work there are "Animal Care Specialists" and still work with the animals a lot. I looked up online and the program would be under $1,000 and take less than a year.

I just don't want to end up regretting anything. I love kids, I'm a hard worker, I love animals, I love martial arts and I have no problem doing things that get me dirty. I have no problem being by myself--I've grown up as an only child with a lot of animals and my parents. I have no health problems that are of much concern--minus my migraines but I have medicine for them and they're not all that bad.

I talked to my mom about it and she told me to take the time to figure it out. Both of her siblings wasted money their parents didn't have on colleges they dropped out of and, with my dad retiring soon, they can't afford for me to do that either. Out of my five cousins on my mom's side, there's only one we know is college-bound--the oldest is a manager for some place and never finished high school, the second oldest is the college bound one, then there's me, my 17 year old cousin who's in drug rehab, and his eight year old brother. My mom never went to college, although she will be soon, and my dad has half of his degree in something finished. I've always been the cautious one out of everyone--I grew up with an anxiety disorder that is now 99.99 percent gone.

I've looked into au pair and nanny jobs but not recently and not with much luck. I looked into the Peace Corps but the lady said it'd be better for me to get a degree in something to higher my chance of getting in or something like that.

What should I do? I'm torn between going to college and just getting a two year degree in something so I don't end up like my mom when my dad emotionally abused us and following my heart, which is telling me to get out and explore while I have the chance.


Apr. 2nd, 2012

Yair sling


Selling our camper already registered & insured for non-EU resident

After traveling for more than 6 months in Europe, time has come and we need to go back home. Now we are selling our camper in Netherlands (Utrecht area) and thought that someone from this community may be interested in it.
It's already registered and insured for non-EU residents.

It's Fiat Ducato 1991, 2.5 Diesel 170,000km, 5-berth Dethleffs conversion.

We bought it in Netherlands and it is now on Dutch plates registered on a Dutch company (dutchcampervans.com) which "carries" the registration and insurance for us (we are non-EU residents and non-EU residents can't register a car on their names in Europe).

The registration, insurance and road tax are already paid and are valid till 20-Sep-2012. The APK (mechanical inspection) is valid till 12-Jul-2012. So, if you are non-EU resident as well, you will just make a new contract with that Dutch company and you can start your vacation right away.

Everything is working, the engine is running smoothly - we are traveling with this camper since 20-Sep-2011 and had no problems with it (we just had to perform several fixes when we bought it).

Of course there are signs of wear, some rust on the body (which shouldn't be a problem to touch up), but for it's age the condition is very good.

5 sleeping places (2 double beds 1 single bed). We are a family with 3 kids and there was enough space for all of us even without using a single bed.

There are all the accessories needed for comfortable stay.
Kitchen (fridge 12v/220v/gas, cooking stove with 2 gas burners, washing sink, Truma gas heater, Truma gas water boiler, shower, flush toilet, 2 tables inside (1 converts to double bed another to a single bed), awning.
New leisure battery, 220V inverter, LPG Gas bottle (which can be refilled with auto-gas at any LPG station).

If you want we can leave in the camper some kitchen stuff, sheets, blankets, tools, etc - so everything will be ready to start your vacation right away.

Nov. 21st, 2011

Meg 2.0


Indiana to New York

Hello! I searched through the tags and found a bit of advice, but it's a few years old, so I thought I'd get some fresh perspectives!

This May/June, I will be moving from central Indiana to the Buffalo area of New York (Buffalo or Niagara Falls, most likely). I'm not overly particular about which city. I'm moving to be closer to my girlfriend (she lives in Toronto) and at the moment, moving out of the country isn't in the cards for me.

So, I'm seeking basic advice! I've never moved so far before! I'm already saving up for it. I set aside as much money as possible every week in a savings account and I already promised my family I wouldn't move until I had at least 1000-1500 saved up as a cushion, on top of regular moving expenses.

My questions are mostly about jobs and apartments. How does one apply for a job so far away? I'd love to have something lined up for when I move. It'll take a LOT of the fear out of it! The apartment part will be easier (I've found a few that work with people relocating to the area), but most want proof of income to prove you can afford to pay. If possible, I'd like to take some time and fly down there about 2-4 weeks before the actual move, but are many places realistically hiring that far in advance?

TL;DR Give me your best advice for hunting for a new job in a new city several hundred miles away, please and thank you!

Nov. 6th, 2011


(no subject)

I have an overnight 13-hour layover in the Frankfurt airport in early January. I'd like to book a hotel room, get some sleep and a shower. I'm a little paranoid about getting back to the terminal on time for a 10AM intercontinental departure. What's my best option?

Sep. 4th, 2011



A destination wedding...

Hi, all. My fiance and I have decided that we would like to have a destination wedding, and invite family members to enjoy a nice week on a beach with us. We are looking at Mexico or the Dominican Republic. I am looking for an all inclusive resort, on a beach, that won't break the bank (Under $1500/person for 7 days), but isn't lacking either (four or five star).

So, I'm looking for opinions, for a date of March-May ish. Riviera Maya was our first choice until we saw that Punta Cana is much cheaper, but if we went to the Dominican we'd have to go earlier (March) to avoid the rainy season. So any input (or alternative ideas!) are welcome to help us decide!

For what it's worth, the difficulties of getting married abroad won't be an issue; we are just going to get a quick justice of the peace thing done before we fly, and do all the symbolic ceremonies on the beach.

Thanks so much in advance.

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